It's nice to have Caswell aka Dirt in the gym again! 

HQ Rest Day.


800m run then:

5 Rounds of:

2 Snatch Balance 155/110

4 Muscle Ups  (scaled: 3 Pull Ups + 3 Dips)

6 Burpees


800m run

Post time to comments.

Join us this Sunday at 7:00 AM for a family bike ride!  Pedal with a Purpose! Click here for info.

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  1. Which ride are people planning to do, the 6 mile, 30 mile, 62 mile or 105 mile?

  2. Stringer says

    6 AM kicked my tail this morning…Long week of good workouts. 25 and change RX. Felt great to put my MU’s together for the first time in a WOD.

  3. I am missing everyone….be back to gym on Monday…it is going to hurt!!!!

  4. i miss ya’ll! im gonna get a farm hand job while Im out here so Ill come back a HOSS!
    be blissful!!!!!!!

  5. That wod was a lot harder than i expected. De ja vu! 29 & change RX.

  6. Farm hand jobs are the best! (I know…I’m 12)
    Have fun!

  7. says

    if you’re 12 I am too, cause that was my exact first thought.

  8. The remodeling work looks awesome. The new lifting and workout platforms are really impressive.
    Great technical yet difficult workout.
    I know it is late but a few of us are meeting at Miller’s Ale House around 815 for drinks.
    Miller’s Ale House
    10750 Davis Drive
    Alpharetta, GA 30004

  9. First, happy birthday LA! Hopefully I’ll be in the gym at the same time as you one of these days.
    Second, tonight’s WOD was rough…gotta work on that snatch form!
    Third, Brant, I blame you saying “at least we don’t have to jump over a wall between each burpee” for tomorrow’s HQ WOD. Thanks.