That one got away from her!   

10 Rounds:

10 KB Swings 70/53

10 Ring Push Ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. Sooooo good to see Biscuit back this morning!

  2. Biscuit is BACK!!!!!!!!!!
    Who else are we missing????

  3. I’m gonna say DD and Whit – jus’ sayin’ . . . . .

  4. PIstol …time for the Milk Carton!

  5. Time for the good ‘ole “LOST…if found please call”

  6. today’s wod was a good one! great job to hagler who killed it with thrusters. it was fun competing against stacy and hicky like the old days 🙂 i head back to work tomorrow so i’ll miss the lunch class lots, but i’m looking forward to reuniting with the evening crowd.

  7. I didn’t kill it but my goal was 30 minutes and my time was 27 :40RX…I think..thanks for waiting on me to finish…..thusters were harder than I thought after a few of them…actually enjoyed the ring push-ups….BIG crowd today at lunch…:)

  8. Stanley!!! I talked to him at a local bar the other night. I told him we all missed him. He didn’t believe me.

  9. So good to be back…. apart from the fact that my arms or legs feel like they want to fall off!
    I’m having a BBQ at my house this Saturday at 19.30. Everyone is welcome. I’ll have paleo food for those that want it. Would love to see everyone!
    My address is 765 old saddle lane, alpharetta

  10. 12:08 Rx