Starting Saturday the "12 Days of Christmas" Challenge is on!!!!  Find out which team you are on and get in here and get some points!  1 Point just for walking in the door, more for placing and extra points for first muscle ups!

HQ Rest Day.  CFNF ALT:

Work on a skill (pull ups, HSPU, etc) for 10 minutes then:

3 Rounds:

OHS (95/65) 9-15-21

Burpee Box Jumps 21-15-9

Row 800m/400m/200m


Round One:  9 OHS- 21 Burpee Box Jumps-800m row, etc.  Post time to comments.

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  1. This looks fun. Hoping to make it at 8:30. No clients today. If not, see you at 11:30.

  2. Good to see HAGS in here working out! Where is Scruff? Where is Rieke? Get ur butts in here! We got a challenge coming ya’ll! PS. Team Andy Rules!

  3. andy reckles says

    Hey Team Andy members (AKA Team Ben)….we win, I buy drinks for the team.

  4. say no more, i’ll be in the gym alllll next week

  5. Wait, whose team am I on again? If it’s not Bandy’s (Ben and Andy), can I request a transfer? I like to drink.

  6. Bostic is offering free skinny jeans for all our members.

  7. Not sure, but if you are unfortunately stuck on Bostic’s team, he said he was taking his entire team to Chops if they won!

  8. This was not fun. Did not see burpee/BOX JUMP.
    Struggled through this one. 18something RX

  9. Then sign me up, Bostic! I like steaks and skinny jeans and can bring my own Vodka!

  10. Look folks that’s nice of Team
    Andy but it just isn’t going to
    happen… Team Andy winning that is! And yes, Gdog will be
    sporting skinny jeans during WODs.

  11. andy reckles says

    dude, way to motivate your team. I mean discrediting my team is not the way to lead big guy. How about offering to take your team to a Zima bar or something???

  12. Hey Bostic, just to be sure, before I switch teams, if you’re taking us to a Zima bar, could you be sure to find out if they play Abba and the Glee soundtrack on the dance floor there..thanks.

  13. Ed….switch teams?? that sounds funny!!!

  14. for me today….22 and some change rx….OHS were hard for me…..thanks brad for the tips on my rowing….