DSC_0009 8:30am stretches it out!  Great to have Kathy & Joe back!

3 Rounds for time:

10 Deadlifts (275/185)

20 (10 each leg) OH Lunges (45/25 bumper plate) 

10 Toe 2 Bar

Block Run

Post time to comments.

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  1. this looks fun…Jacklyn…sure u don’t want to do this workout with me at 11:30 tomorrow?? I mean…DEADLIFTS!!!!! Even though it will a challenging WOD…happy about the 3 rounds…see everyone at lunch tomorrow….Great job Nicole and Jenny for the 90 pound OHS….I really need to step it up…glad to see lots of names on the board this week…classes have been full and everyone is working so hard…maybe even Brad…:)

  2. Guess I’ll do this one today since I can move my legs again.

  3. Fun WOD. 8:30 was packed. So crowded had to deadlift in front of the bathrooms! Lots of good work in the gym this am. Loved this WOD but got gassed. 15:something RX.
    See ya tomorrow.

  4. I saw it and of course the mind is willing but the body is not able. I can do it Friday, maybe, depending on my back.