Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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2009 CrossFit Games, "Sweet 16" – video [wmv] [mov]  Courtesy of CrossFit.com

Interested in learning the "Catapult"?  Below is a seminar at CrossFit Savannah:

Catapulting into Olympic Weightlifting

Saturday, August 15, 2009 (10am- 2pm-at least)
by Don McCauley
Cost: $150 per person
Space limited to 20 clients

If you’ve heard of “catapulting the bar” and don’t know exactly what that means, this clinic is for you. If you’ve been wondering why Oympic lifting is so hard, this clinic is for you. If your back is getting sore from starting with your hips as high as your shoulders, this clinic is for you. If the bar keeps falling to the floor in front of you, this clinic is for you.

I will be giving a clinic to a small group of people that will go over how to learn to perform olympic lifts as the international Olympic weightlifters perform them. And, since they lift more weight overhead than anyone on the planet, why not do it the way they do?

Whether you are a serious CrossFitter or a high school/college strength coach, you should be using or teaching the technique that is the latest and the best. This will be a clinic that is mostly hands on and any chalk talk will be done on the run and will help you understand the hows and whys of these lifts. You will be performing these lifts better when you finish this one-day clinic. You will have a better understanding of why things are done the way they are done and why technique has changed over the last forty years.

Learn to lift better now.

This clinic will be held on Saturday, August 15th, starting at 10AM and end when everybody has a good grasp of the technique. There will be lunch provided. Contact me through my personal e-mail: coachmccauley@comcast.net or call me at (912) 484-5842.

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  1. Meatball looks pissed!

  2. I look like a black cat with whiskers.

  3. I like the last line in the video…”don’t ever doubt yourself…breath, breath, breath..” so true and Meatball was not pissed just hungover!

  4. Pebbles your new name is….kitten:)

  5. I get that look all the time. I’m used to it.

  6. meow!

  7. Breeze,
    Thanks for making me do the thruster workout…..and great job on the PR!
    my favorite “movement”…..

  8. i think everyone was hungover that morning… no fewer than 4 people approached me saying they felt a meeting with pukie coming on.
    in other news, a lot of us are jumping on the paleo bandwagon. i know we all have our vices (arby’s, alcohol, etc) but i think with a bunch of us going paleo we can all encourage each other to stick to it. plus if we are all doing it, we’ll have no one to drink with anyways 🙂

  9. Nice PR thruster G-dog.
    Dirty Thirty almost kilt me!!!! Vacation can be detrimental to your Xfit 😉
    See ya tomorrow.

  10. What is “paleo”?

  11. amen

  12. cave man diet…for real.

  13. PS. Nice thruster Breeze. 215 aint bad!!!

  14. essentially it’s a caveman’s diet… eat meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts… that’s about it. nothing with a nutrition label. the cool thing is, you can eat as much as you want – no measuring food, no calorie restrictions, etc. google it if you get a chance, i am sure the experts out there have much more to say than i do! 🙂