Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

Nice finish on that thruster, Jacob!

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  1. I hate thrusters with a passion! Thanks for the tips Pebbles… I’ll have to work on being more explosive. Good alt wod
    Well done everyone this morning!

  2. Hey…nice to see Jacob on the blog. You look awesome. Nice form.
    Way to power through it Hicky. You will love them soon enough I think.
    Thanks for the props. The 6am crew did great. Good form, good times. Kevin did the HQ WOD and got to a 170 thruster. Nice.
    See everyone tonight.

  3. Nice picture Jacob!

  4. I agree with Hicky – that was an excellent workout. Props to Pebbles for the awesome coaching. Way to bust it Don, Robin and Hicky. Kevin is a strong BEAST.

  5. Hey All,
    I’ll just come right out with it. Last Tuesday my high school football coach called me and asked me to join the varsity squad as the defensive backs coach. After a lot of contemplation, I accepted the offer on Sunday night.
    I will be leaving my current job with AIG within the next couple weeks and moving back to VA in mid-July. I am very excited for the challenge and it’s going to be one heck of an adventure – I need to find a place to stay, job to earn money, and learn a lot about coaching…all with no steady income. But I need this. It’s going to be fun. I’m getting out of the corporate world and I’m starting to make moves to direct my own happiness. Fortunately, this decision will not have an effect on my other ambitions. I am still applying to Navy and Coast Guard OCS, trying to get certified in CrossFit (maybe have my own place someday?), and considering other options.
    Sadly, I LOVE Atlanta and my family and of course CrossFit NF. This city is so sweet that I do hope I can find my way back down some day…maybe to raise a family. Thankfully my parents will be in Atlanta for a long time. You all are seriously the best. I feel like I found a second home at CFNF and will forever be grateful to you guys, especially Brad and Kim. CrossFit became my “Fightclub,” an escape from the cubicle while I’ve been trying to figure my life out! In the meantime I made some pretty sweet friends.
    Well I have roughly 6 more weeks to kick ass with you guys, drink a lot of beers, and hopefully find a way to get certified. Where ever I am next year I am 100% going for the CF Games and I will bash some face doing it. You also better believe that I will be bringing CF to the high school kids.
    So there you have it. I’ll be back in VA until at least December and then I’ll have another big decision to make!
    Lets have a keg and pool party at my places ASAP. Any takers?

  6. Awesome Blake! I think there is good news for you in every paragraph above. We will miss you terribly. Doing what you love each day makes for a very happy life even when the bad stuff comes at you. I am excited for you and wish you all the best.
    Kegs and pools are right up the Butch’s alley. See ya soon.

  7. Blake – I am so sad you are leaving, but very excited for this opportunity for you! And if you head to the games next year, I guarantee you’ll have a group of us out there to cheer you on!

  8. Wah Blake, we’ll miss you soooo much! But speaking as a mother of football players who went on to be football coaches (and lacrosse coaches and wrestling coaches), you will rock this! The boys will definitely look up to you and respect you. As we all here at CFNF do as well. I predict there will be many beers between now and July, so I won’t say so long yet.

  9. Many of you do not know that Breeze, Shandy and I are making our way up to the great state of Illinois to do something with Brad’s dad. No idea what. Frankly all Shandy and I care about is riding a tractor and a combine and hopefully meeting some country folk.
    Here is how the day has gone so far.
    6AM departure from Breeze’s
    6:45 pick up Shandy and his 5 guns and bag of ammo
    7:15 Pick up coffee, a box of munchkins and bacon and egg biscuit…for each of us
    9:15 Shandy spots a gun store-gas station-restaurant
    9:45 Shandy is in heaven, kisses the ground and cries as he enters his Graceland.
    10:00 Feel like actual men because we replaced a fuse in the Tacoma. Took all three of us to figure it out.
    10:45 We finally leave and snack on beef jerkey
    12:45 Pull into Mr. B’s and have Nacho’s Grande and a large meat lovers pizza. Got to drink Diet Rite and RC Cola. Boy do we love the back woods.
    2:00 Just crossed the Ohio river and currently in Indiana
    More to come.
    Oh Blake we will start to miss you in about 5 weeks. Hmm maybe another farewell movie.

  10. I git sent a picture from Mr. B’s. I can confirm that the nachos were GRANDE and the pizza was MEATLOVERS.

  11. Just got into town. If you want to call it that. Bush light on tap at the American Legion. Brad just ran into his PE teacher and rumor has it the house we are staying at does not have running water.

  12. Blake,
    I am so excited for you and I am so sorry that I punched you when you first told me this last night.

  13. Nice PR’s today on the Thrusters.