Three rounds for time:
20 Ball Slams
20 Push Press
20 Med Ball Cleans
20 KB Swings


ATTN:  Friday 12:30 class has been cancelled and the 4:30 class has been moved to 5:00.  No Yoga Saturday.

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  1. I won’t be back in until next Wednesday, but good luck this weekend, Kim!! I wish I could be there!

  2. Hmmm….might stick my head in the door for this one.
    HOpe to see ya’ll soon!

  3. Gigi!!! we miss you! Hope you are doing well!

  4. Team Pistol T-shirts are at the gym. Please pick them up and pay Jenny for the T’s. They are 10.00 each.
    They are on the black cubbies and each family has a separate bag with a label inside the bag to let you know it’s yours.
    Jpo, I left Sean’s at the gym but will get it tomorrow at 8:30 and take it to JAX with me.

  5. I also wanted to mention that you guys did a great job Wednesday night. LOTS of PR’s!
    Fred had a 265 DL on basically his first heavy deads ever.
    Andy had a 320 with a body weight of only 160!!! Nice!!!
    Jpo, Peaches and Simone all had PR’s. Peaches had a 205 DL. Nice work.
    Sniper had a huge DL then did the alt. WOD. It was great to see Sniper and Justin and Muffin and a few people I have not sen in a while.
    Isaac “Blaised” thru the rowing box jump wall ball WODat 18 something RX
    Steph powered thru it as well and took a tumble on the box (which we have all done) and got some nice arm scrapes…yuk!!! Are you ok?
    Great job Margie and Barney on the alt. WOD and
    PEGGY with a new PR on deads as well.
    Nice job Rainman too.
    I last wanted to say in this very long post that I think you guys conspire against me so that when I teach at night you have no less than 3 WOD’s going on and 6 heats at once to try to confuse me. πŸ™‚ I’m onto you people.

  6. How are your arms????

  7. Surprisingly enough they are just fine πŸ™‚ A little sting in the shower, but nothing major. I haven’t had any irritation with fabric or anything. So pretty much… they look a lot worse than they actually are. Thank you for your help yesterday!

  8. Um Pebbles…… I was there too last night. Remember me your husband?

  9. I remember you, Gdog! Gigi, awesome seeing you today if only for a moment. I’m glad you’re back! Thanks so much Jpo, Pebbles, Peaches and Shantarius for making the shirts! They are awesome!

  10. Great seeing Gigi today!

  11. Good luck Kimmer!