Three rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
21 Burpees
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments.

HSPU Day 5.


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  1. So today I learned that JT said all the real athletes are go to the 5:30 class…couple things on this…1. I only saw one person from the 5:30 class at the challenge on Saturday and 2nd I pretty sure an athlete in the 6a class got a 333 on FGB. just saying…

  2. Who is the sadist that came up with today’s WOD?

  3. …I think he meant the 5.30 AM class… JT, the morning class doesn’t start until 6! Easy mistake though, we’ll let you off! I like how Jpo’s already sticking up for the morning crew. She’s officially an early bird!

  4. oh my mistake…thanks Hicky I did think he was referring to the 5:30pm class my bad…thanks for the compliment JT!

  5. I agree. JT, followed by FGB, followed by this???..Someone out there doesn’t like us.

  6. today’s wod for me: set up a classroom, for time. i so wish i was getting ready for the lunchtime class instead 🙂

  7. sounds like there’s a rat amongst us. Would the culprit stand up and be counted (ahem…Xena)?!
    and yes, Hicky killed it yesterday and she’s the most athletic regardless of which class she goes to. how bout some 5:30 or 6:30 PM folks back me up!

  8. Spank!

  9. I am workout time agnostic, however, Hicky did kill FGB…333…flat beat the sh$!!t out of it.

  10. How about the morning & lunch crew vs. the 2 evening crews? we’ll see then…

  11. I like that idea!

  12. Sounds like CFNF is back to the old ways….I smell an internal challenge-a-brewin’…………Trainers?!? can we do something about this.
    Sounds like a rumble on the playground yard! Be there….after school….no brass knuckles…..I call Spidey

  13. Where would someone who comes sometimes in the am, sometimes at lunch and sometimes at the pm classes fit in? I’m like that kid in high school who hangs out with everyone no matter the clique.

  14. Kim and Brad, if you guys sell the rowers on craigs list for something cool like a snack vending machine, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

  15. You’re invited to come hang with the cool people;-)

  16. Great job to Doc “Mad Dog” Malucci today! He totally destroyed me mentally and physically on the last run. I was getting ready to overtake him when he turned on his “after-burners” and left me whimpering. Not only did he get the best time today, but he made it look easy.
    Miguel, it was great seeing you today! But I still like Martine more than you, nothing personal.

  17. Uh-oh, Jpo, looks like we stirred up some stuff.