Three Rounds for time

20 DB Snatch (45,25)
15 Box Jumps
10 Ball Slams
5 Man Makers
500 m Row

Post time to comments.  Burpee Challenge day 44. 

ATTN:  Holiday Classes are:

Wednesday:  6am, 7am,8:30am,6pm
Thanksgiving 9am
Friday: 8:30, 12:30
Saturday: 8am,9am,10am, No Yoga
Sunday: 9:00am, 10:00am Open House

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  1. i fully plan on pulling an austin and coming in twice a day over the break.
    brad, thanks for pushing me last night – i need to learn how to do real rope climbs to avoid repeatedly massacring my arms with the modification.
    in case i don’t see some of you before the break, have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  2. Nadler, Wild Thing, Crazy Bitch says

    Peggy, Welcome back!! You did awesome today!

  3. Peggy! It was great to see you this morning! Glad you are back!

  4. Did a modified 5k/Lynne WOD today:
    1/2 mile run 7:30 pace
    BP 15 reps of bwt
    PUs 10 dead-hang
    1/2 mile run 7:30 pace
    BP 15 reps of bwt
    thrusters 10 reps of 100lbs
    1/2 mile run 7:30 pace
    BP 15 reps bwt
    dips 10 reps, hand-to-armpit
    1/2 mile run 7:30 pace
    BP 15 reps of bwt
    5 extenders(ab-roller from standing position to planche)
    5 back extensions
    1/2 mile run 7:15 pace
    BP 15 reps of bwt
    back squat 10 reps of bwt
    6/10 mile run 6:45 pace
    BP 15 reps of bwt
    dead-lift 10 reps of bwt
    I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!
    I should be back at the box either Friday or Monday.
    Take care, Ed.

  5. Sooooo glad to be back, but I’m way out of shape after being gone a month! Pistol & Breeze, it was great seeing your pretty faces – and great to work out with Wild Thing, Lynn and Fred. Can’t wait to see everyone else!
    GND – sorry I wasn’t there Sat or Mon, had to bring my car to the Doctor. I’ll be there tomorrow at 8:30.
    Again – I’m REALLY glad to be back!

  6. I sure hope tomorrow’s WOD is easy on the legs after the last couple of days…