10 db split lifts
20 box jumps
30 double unders
40 lunges
50 air squats
400 m run
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  1. Trying to get me ass together to get me ass kicked today. Be there shortly…probably late…big duh!

  2. Kim the Pistol says

    awesome workout today! GiGi and Hagler rocked the house! G, i didn’t know you could be so motivated by food! Note to self….

  3. Kimbo…not food…FOOD!!
    Rack of lamb with a rosemary jus, Spring pea or Parmesan risotto, Sauteed Green beans with almonds and a salad with hearts of Romaine, walnuts, goat cheese and cranberries simply dressed with a Walnut Raspberry vinagrette.
    Apertif:Champagne Kir Royale with chocolate dipped glasses
    Appetizer:White Burgundy
    Main coarse: A Fine Shiraz…….

  4. Gigi…we’ll be right over. Hated the workout today, but I narrowly scathed by G-dog (13+ minutes). I do have to take some responsibility in his lackluster performance because we did spend a lot of time discussing our wonderful marriages on this beautiful holiday! Happy V-D everyone!

  5. By the way….SHOCKER! Is that Christy in the pic today fixing her hair?

  6. Kim the Pistol says

    All I have to say is….someone’s gettin some tonight!

  7. Actually….Turtle, that is not me. I was in front of those three women helping them through the work out, practicing being a co-coach. That was the chiropractor’s wife.
    As I told you before…not all of us wake up beautiful and need some adjusting durin the day…hair included.