This Saturday 9:00am WOD for Haitian Relief!

DSC_0034Nice rack, Simon!

AMRAP: 15 Min
6 KB Swings (2 pood)
9 Box Jumps

Post rounds to comments.
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  1. yea, good elbows SImone.
    Cool WOD, I need to work on my CTB…and consecutive box jumps grrrrrrr! I would love to be able to jump like JT….aka Tigger…aka POODLE! (and you have to scream POODLE real Conyers like with an accent like Peaches)

  2. In this season of awards shows, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the CrossFit Academy for my accomplishment of slipping into a pair of size 6 jeans this morning!:) There are too many individuals to thank for this, you know who you are.
    Oh btw, 14 rounds (40 lbs)!

  3. Awesome Xena!!!!
    Will be doing HQ wod today at 12:30 if anybody wants to join me.

  4. Awesome job Xena! You’re my hero!

  5. undying gratitude…

  6. Yea Xena!
    Fun WOD. I love 3,6,9.
    I did HSPU in the bands. I used lighter bands than last time. This lets me get totally inverted and touch the top of my head to the floor.
    Great job to 11:30. Way to go Simone with all jumps on the big blue box!!! No more red box for you!

  7. PS. Good job Ed. 13 plus rounds RX…nice work.

  8. hell yea…way to go cougar. you’re ready to go out on the prowl

  9. “growl”

  10. Just finished up here in Gainesville FL at Crossfit Gainesville. Our WOD was
    3 rounds at 115 lbs.
    5 SDHP
    200 Meter run
    10 front squat
    200 meter run
    15 push press
    200 meter run
    Took me 15:13. Their run is sooooooo flat. You would all be jealous.
    Funny thing was that I walked in their gym and they were all wearing their CF sweatshirts like all of us at CFNF.

  11. Cool WOD. Good time!
    Miss you.

  12. Nice rack indeed.

  13. Peggalicious says

    JT KILLED this WOD – 16 rds RX. Great job Poooodle!