_DSC0048  This is obviously the "before the wod" picture.

Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

_DSC0071_edited-1  _DSC0070_edited-1 Sweat Angels ala Ms. Jones & "M"eatball

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  1. Was going to take the day off but I have never done this so I will see you tonight.

  2. Excellent job morning crew! Xena and Fred both took almost 30 seconds off their 400m run times! Don P. took 6 sec of his and Barney 9 off his 500m row. Everyones gettn faster!
    GND….after thrusters we are running!

  3. do we have an alt wod?

  4. sorry brad, didn’t see the post right before mine. looking forward to a 400 m dash 🙂

  5. This is what I will be singing tonight at the gym:)
    I’m Running in the rain
    Just running in the rain
    What a glorious feelin’

  6. i know, right? i was so happy it hadn’t started to rain this morning so i could run, i felt like i hadn’t run in such a long time, and yay to me on the time, but I have to give complete and total credit to . . . . . my brand new pink Underarmour shoes!!!!

  7. Yay Xena and Fred. Xena…I need those shoes!

  8. Word! Awesome job this afternoon, Simon! She got 98lbs! Missed everybody at the 8:30 class.

  9. Congrats Xena and Fred on your 400m times!
    Thanks for the instruction and encouragement, Pistol. Felt great to be putting up a decent amount of weight. I am so close to 100…it’ll be nice to see the 3 digits on the board next time I do push jerk or front squat 🙂 Plus I am pretty happy with my 500m row time today.

  10. Note to self…I sucked at Thrusters today!

  11. Jpo….you did not suck at thrusters. Way to go on doing 50 burpees afterwards Burpee Queen.
    CFNF girls are STRONG…and fast….most of them 🙂
    Michael added 10 lbs. to his PR which was the top slot on the board anyway. WTG at 225.
    I am really impressed with everyone. You guys are awesome.
    Pistol…nice work on Grace. 6 something is awesome.

  12. Craig, great job on the MUs! Katie, I think Hicky might have some catching up to do when she gets back.
    Pebbles and Breeze, tks for the feedback on the OHS. I’ll be working on the “bounce” next week.

  13. Thanks for the support, Pebbles. It felt awesome to break an old PR and set two new CFNF records ( 225 lb Thruster and 1:31 sec 500m row).
    Must be all the green tea I have been drinking at work.
    Look forward to tomorrow’s workout.

  14. Hmm…so I need Green Tea and Pink Underamour kicks. This is good. Will tell G-dog.
    Pistol…do tell you performance secrets.

  15. Damn 1:31 is really good! Michael, you’re a beast.