CSC_0048  The notorious CFNF invisible chair makes an "appearance" again!

Thursday HQ Rest Day:  Alt WOD:

Michael – three rounds for time:

800 m run – 50 Sit Ups – 50 Back Extentions

Post time to comments.  As of yesterday Team Jacked Stack is still in the lead 118 to 106!  They lost GND & Meatball today.  Can they keep it up?

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  1. Peggalicious says

    That is hysterical!

  2. Hey fellow CrossFitters. My name is Brent and I’m the owner of CrossFit High Intensity Training in Springfield Oregon. Just letting you know that DD and a friend of his named John dropped by and did “Cindy” today. DD did 15 rounds +5 pullups. You guys are doing good work out there and it was a pleasure to have him at my box.

  3. Note above comment and please give the Warriors credit for my workout. Warriors win – coast to coast!!

  4. DD-you are a god among men!!
    A coast to coast workout?? We’ll take your points.
    You should be renamed Zeus!!
    A big shout out to Xena Warrior Princess for rocking with an RX.
    Pebbles, you’re a great instructor/coach/mentor.
    And way hotter than Breeze.
    G-Dog, you married up.
    As for all the late posts/smack talk on yesterday’s blog: can’t we all just do what they did in ancient Rome and shower together, feast together, then feed someone to the lions!

  5. A HUGE shout out to XENA for her first RX Michael!!!! WTG! You really pushed yourself today. From 2 sit ups 2 weeks ago to 150 today AINT BAD!!!!!!
    I sooooo enjoy seeing Nitro and Xena. You guys are a blast and so positive and enjoyable to be around.I really like the fact that Nitro will dance. I always want people to dance with me ya know. I appreciate the props Nitro and I am glad your wrist is recovering.
    Way to go Robin and Don.
    Go Jack Stack!

  6. PS. Great job yesterday G-dog on a tough RX WOD. Way to get those squat cleans!!!!

  7. This is by far my favorite CF workout! I did awesome on my 800ms but still slow on situps. Goal is to get quicker at SU so I can shave another min or two on my time. Still shaved 4 min from last Michael in Dec so I am happy!

  8. Thanks for the shout outs yall:) It was tough but I did it. Thanks to Pebbles, Robin and Nitro for cheering me on until the bitter end.
    Way to go Double D. Team Warriors appreciates your contribution so much!!
    More shout outs to Big Ed and Martine for putting up impressive points for your team. We’re still lagging behind by a few points but I know we can do it!! If you’re not sick or contagious or have a horrible virus, try to drag yourself in these last few days of the challenge and give Team Jack a run for the gigantic championship trophy or belt or mirror ball or whatever the grand prize might be.
    So Warriors, Come out and Playayaya!!!

  9. It is so nice to take a break from work and head to the gym for the WOD. Big Props to Big Ed and Pebbles. I believe both got PR’s.
    I was on my 30th sit up when Big Ed began his round…..he beat me to 50!! I plan on taking him out at some point.
    My pebbles is just the bomb for shaving minutes off her previous time. Xena although we are not speaking this week….I heard you were all over it this AM.
    Nitro, I am up for a feast, potentially a shower and throwing Breeze to the lions.

  10. Don’t throw Breeze to the lions until the challenge is over – he’s on our team and we want his points.
    And G-dog – you’re the best leader ever – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
    Jack Stack Rules!

  11. Pebbles, great job! You had me worried when I’m running and you are right behind me.
    Great way to push thru it Amy. I really don’t like this WOD.
    Ryan, you are the bomb! Remind me to work with you on your handstands so you can help your dad.
    Garrett, thanks for pushing me on the Good Mornings. I still think your team name sucks ass.

  12. Thanks for the props. I feel like I finally got a decent Michael time.The running has never been great for me but it was better today. I felt like I was chasing Big E the
    whole time!!!!
    Ed, any help with gymnastics to any member of the Butch family will be greatly appreciated. You had a great time today. Your super fast!
    Nice to meet you Amy.
    BREEZE TO THE LIONS…all in favor post yea!

  13. Throw me to the lions…go for it! Would feel sorry for the lion though cause I’m on the Jacked Stack!
    Nitro…do you slap Pebbles ass like you do mine when you walk in the door…queer!
    Way to go Xena on the wod today!
    G-dog…..up yours!

  14. breeze:
    xena slaps my ass when i’m bad. and when i’m good.
    i only slap pebbles ass when she let’s me.
    i only slap g-dog’s ass ’cause he pays me.
    i don’t slap your broke ass ’cause you never wash it.
    soap up, brutha.
    go warriors.
    big ed you rock.
    the chicks in my office want your pic on a belly T.
    peace out,
    nitro (the bomb)

  15. breeze:
    xena slaps my ass when i’m bad. and when i’m good.
    i only slap pebbles ass when she asks me.
    i only slap g-dogs ass when he pays me.
    i never slap your ass ’cause you never wash it.
    soap up, brutha.
    go warriors.
    BIG ED you rock.
    the chicks in my office want your crotch pic on a belly T
    peace out,
    nitro (the bomb)

  16. hahahahahahahaha!

  17. Lots of A$$ slapping today must be all that running….wosh

  18. Well, I’m off to Houston, so I won’t be in the gym again until Tuesday. I hate to abandon my team, but I’m not worried. Jacked Stack, you guys are awesome!! Kick some Warrior A$$!!