DSC_0096That weighted pistol was no joke.

 30 Muscle-ups for time

Post time to comments.

If you cannot do the muscle-ups do 120 pull-ups and 120 dips.  An ALT WOD will be posted at the gym.

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  1. Great, good thing I’ve done very few MUs lately.

  2. austinmclean says

    I heart MU’s…

  3. Same here

  4. For those of you who are looking for your first MU, my first one came 4 days after this brutal 120 Pull-up/Dip routine so don’t immediately shy away this one for the alt WOD.

  5. Sean CFNFT says

    7:12 this morning. That’s over a minute PR for 30 mu’s.

  6. great, good thing i still cant even do a pullup let alone a muscle up hahaha

  7. Wow! Big PR’s on MU’s today! Andy took 3 min off his time with 9:3?, Breeze also took 3 min off his time with 7:58, I came in at 7:33 for a min and a half pr. Way to go, us! haha! Nice PR, Sean!

  8. oooohh Breeze you got beat by a girl! Don’t worry she beat my time too.

  9. thanks scruffy 🙂

  10. That’s awesome everyone!!!!