Thanks to all who came out to Longhorns for Simone’s & Jacob’s birthday!

HQ Rest Day.  Alt WOD will be drawn from the Hopper Deck and put on the board.

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  1. Great rest day workouts. That hopper deck is such a fun idea. That should become a rest day tradition for a little while.
    Hope everyone has a good gameday.

  2. Yes, I agree Austin. I like the hopper deck…until someone draws Kelly.
    Thanks for cheering me on Austin. I needed it for those OHS. Thanks for laughing with/at me to as I dropped my LAST OHS and had to re-snatch the bar and reset for ONE last OHS.
    Great to see you Justin. Nice work KimPossible and Sniper.
    I may see you tomorrow. 9am ? I have to go to COlumbia SC again this week. will be in Monday early am then hope to be back in Thursday.
    The starts must be all aligned right because South Carolina is actually winning against Kentucky.