Three Rounds for time.

20 Thrusters
30 Double Unders
40 Medicine Ball Burpees (no Push Up)
50 Squats

Post time to comments.

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  1. And I thought nothing more could be done to the Burpee to make them more evil!
    I have a brunch today so may be there at 12:30 may not. I’m gonna try but I don’t know how hard now!

  2. Come out and play!!!! We may be doing yesterdays in class today!

  3. Soooo it looks like I came in last place on yesterday’s workout. Impressive!!!
    Uhhh …..Brad where was my support. I clearly defended you and I get nothing in return.
    I assumed my trainer would defend me or atleast come up with a believable excuse for my now recognized poor showing.

  4. G-Dog…of the 8 ladies that have done this workout, u beat..uh…1! As your trainer I take full responsibility. Next time wait till the end of the day to start trash talking!

  5. That 1 would be me, G-dog. Have I mentioned that I am a grandmother of 5??
    BTW…Brad was counting me, so I cannot even verify my standings.
    Good job, though 🙂
    Hugs ~n~ smiles,

  6. I got a 460 on this one Garrett. If I would have talked more in between sets I think I could have got more! Booooo Yaaaaa

  7. I got a 430. Still waiting for Brad’s total????? Watcha got Brad????

  8. Beer…..workout……..workout? Ummmmm….do as I say, not as I do.

  9. I always follow your lead brad with one little change I thought I could up it!vodka…workout…vodka..workout! I want to be more like Brad so Vodka it will be!!! Yeah for me!