TGIF-Rest Day

Check out how Kim learned how to squat properly. 

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  1. Eve aka Tonto says

    Nice video Cool Breeze & Clyde! Nice flashing of the nips! Was it cold in there?

  2. Looks like practice for something else…LMAO!!!!
    I was wondering how the hell they did that workout yesterday in 13 minutes or so….NOW I KNOW!!
    p.s. dragging overfed, overserved, belly in there soon!!

  3. I take offense to the interpritation that this was Kim air squats. Turtly and I were practicing for our new Rap/Country video. It is going to be off the chain!!!!!
    In our final version, Sally and Sammy join us for an all out dance fest.
    But thanks to Kim this video is out and will soon be all over the internet.
    Way to ruin it Kim!!!!!

  4. Kim likes to ask what we’re having for dinner so here is tonights ~ we were supposed to go out but last minute cancellation has me working from the freezer.
    Spaghetti with Meatballs & Italian sausage
    Trying Trader Joe’s Italian chicken sausage links
    Whole wheat noodles with Flax
    Meatballs – lean ground beef, egg, little breadcrumbs, onion, parsley, garlic and tiny bit of milk…cooked in sauce I had frozen from last time.
    A side salad with toasted pine nuts & homemade balsamic dressing (to control the oil)
    Oh yeah…and of course, wine… 🙂

  5. I have had such a long drawn out week and I just want you to know everytime I would start to feel i was going a litle crazy …this video would make me laugh and laugh and laugh…what’s next…maybe Christy can really teach them how to squat?

  6. Kim-CrossFit North Fulton says

    GiGi, you’re my hero! You bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan (Enjoli). You seriously need to talk to Jpo and get on the food network. “Get it On with GiGi, It’s Easy!”

  7. Wait – the name of that show would be on the ‘FOOD’ network?