Terrible Tuesday WOD


5 Rounds for time:

400 m run
30 box jumps
30 wall ball shots

Post time to comments.

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  1. Hard. 150 box jumps and 5 times up that hill was quite a work out for me.

  2. Jenny....Burpees are my friend! says

    Sorry I missed today’s workout but….with my new stop watch that Pebbles picked up for me we were able to time ourselves running up and down 4 flights of steps at work!!! Sooooo much fun! Next week we are having a situp contest! I know why Brad and Kim got in to this buisness now! I kinda felt like them for a minute! POWER OF THE STOP WATCH!!

  3. **gigi**Burpee hater to INFINITY AND BEYOND!! says

    Jenny…Jenny…when did you fall and hit your head?? Burpees are your friend??? PMA, huh??
    Come out and play this week with me, if you can. I’ll be hitting the 12:30 thru Friday and will try to squeeze in some time on Thursday.
    I’m throwing my $100 into the ring, btw….so let’s get it going!!
    Today’s workout made my face red…felt good though!