CSC_0006  Tanya is an inspiration to us all.

HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board.

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  1. Go Tayna! Nice press.

  2. That is awesome Tayna!

  3. anyone know WOD yet…

  4. Can someone tell me why my body is falling apart? I am going to say it…I hope we do nothing with our arms today!

  5. 10 HH Snatch (45,33)
    20 KBS #35 women
    30 box jumps
    40 pullups
    50 situps
    60 burpees
    10 HH Snatch
    Pebbles, Morley and I rocked it!! Look Pretty, Feel Pretty, Be Strong…!

  6. HH snatch?

  7. From the High Hang Position

  8. Love the new slogan Wild Thing!!! You did great today. Be strong!!! Go RX!

  9. Fun workout today..burpees kicked my ass today..but enjoyed the pull-ups..still can’t beat pistol..aka..Kimmer!! Good job on the running today Jpo..and way to knock out the sit ups at the end.. And thanks Ed for the encouragement..

  10. Great F****** picture! Needs to be on the HQ Website!
    Your welcome Kathy, your form on your first set of HH Snatches was just as good as those of Breeze and much better than mine today.

  11. Michael Whities says

    Great job! Keep it up. I’m missing my left arm and it’s not stopping me. Thanks for being an inspiration!