Sunday WOD


Gigi would be mad if she was on here sans pose all by herself!  So I gave her some company!


Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

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  1. Austin, will you bring Breeze and I back a tshirt? Puleeeze? I wear small & he wears xl.

  2. I posted an update last night for anyone who wants to read it.
    And yeah, I will get y’all a good one.
    I bought one that says Fit as F**k.
    They have another good one too, forgot what it said but its a clever one too. i will let you know.

  3. **gigi** CFNF Elder & Burpee hater says

    hehehee…that’s funny!! You kilt me and there’s my proof!
    p.s. next time,airbrush the waddle, please 🙂

  4. Oh and OF COURSE today is Lynne. Im doin this shit the DAY I get back.

  5. **gigi** CFNF Elder & Burpee hater says

    Austin…great post from last night! Glad you are having fun and learning lots! Great time on Fran Rx!!
    If you have some extra $$, I would LOVE one of those “clever” t-shirts too!! Size Medium for me.
    Be careful!

  6. Austin,
    there is a book that Coach recommends getting that is not in print anymore but is the one book he really suggests having. I wrote down the name of it at my cert. and then couldn’t find it. I know he will recommend it again. Would you write it down and tell me on Monday so I can look for a copy.