Sunday – Rest Day


Countdown to moving….9 days

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  1. Nice LOGO!!!!Looking Good!

  2. Wow…9 days. It’s coming fast!

  3. Looks great guys! So happy for you. I’m finally back in town. Looking forward to getting in a crossfit workout this week!

  4. Kim the Pistol says

    Well G-dog, I didn’t beat Travis, but got a helluva lot closer than you did!!!!

  5. Eve Patrick says

    Are y going to have a shower MC.

  6. The place does look awesome!

  7. How about…. Up Yours Kim!

  8. Garrett…I think your wife beat your time! Way to represent ladies!

  9. Kim the Pistol says

    Eve, no shower yet. It is coming but not right away.

  10. Kim the Pistol says

    Garrett, don’t hate in 2008