Sunday – Rest Day


"Team CrossFit North Fulton"

Thanks for coming out and representin’ yesterday at the Atlanta CrossFit Challenge!  That was soooooo much fun and humbling too!  You guys rocked!  The times that were considered for scoring were those with no scaling.  You know what that means right?  We’ve got to get everyone off the bands for the next go round!  Spider had the best time in our group.  Way to go, Spider!  Be sure and check out the other affiliates sites to view more photos!  The afterparty was fun too, I think!  Will someone remind me to eat more than one meal all day before drinking wine next time?

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  1. Kim, Brad and crew- A big THANK YOU for making the drive down to participate in the challenge. It was awesome to finally get to meet some of you guys face to face. A ton of fun. See you all soon.

  2. Awesome job guys!!! I am hoping to go do the next one with you. It looked like a really tough but very fun day. No doubt there were some serious crossfitters’s there. You guys DEFINITELY looked like the spunkiest group though with all the flashing, butt shots, etc…haha..Nice challenge. It motivates me just seeing how tough that competition was..nicely done guys

  3. Don’t make him come after you like a “Spider-Monkey”! He’s all jacked up on Mountain Dew.

  4. It was a great day. Pebbles is on a mission now. Lose 20 more lbs. Pull Ups with no band and be able to run like hell. Yall keep me in check now!!!

  5. Spider [Monkey] says

    “Shut up or I’ll scissor kick you in the back of the head! Greatest Generation my a$$ – Tom Brokaw’s a punk!”
    Had a great time yesterday… humbling fer sure though. I was proud of our group and to be a part of CFNF – thanks Brad & Kim. I think we are all motivated to improve! See you all tomorrow – Game on!!!

  6. Great time! Thanks!