Sunday- No Class today. Open WOD judging at 10am.


Congratulation to all who completed the Open WODs each week for the past 6 weeks and did such a great job.

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  1. Great pic of Alice…I remember when she could only lift the ladies bar….great progress…it SHOWS!!! I am back from Jazzfest…after great music, food,and drinks…surprised to say, down 3.5 pounds…lots of walking…:) Bon Jovi was amazing…and I am not embarassed to say it.!!! and he is still smoking HOT…anyway…when I stopped by gym to weigh myself..and seeing all the times for “JACKIE”…had to do it….of course, my goal was to beat GND at 10:45rx…but I got 11:43RX. Did get my four in for the week so I am happy and looking forward to seeing jacklyn and the usual suspects at lunch tomorrow….glad everyone was safe in the storms and looking forward to seeing papa shubert and his battle scars…:)