We will be getting some of these!

Squat clean:  Work to 3RM

then 15 Squat Cleans, 75 KTE, 800m Buddy Carry

then loop run


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  1. Stringer says

    I want that!

  2. Does anyone know how Bostic did in the Regionals? Another games questions: shouldn’t the north cal results be up by now?
    Thanks and HAGS see you tomorrow.

  3. Bostic came in 15th place… 14 competed today. Pretty darn good.

  4. He did awesome. He competed against some beast and should be proud of himself. Saw him on one of the vids.
    I was also rooting for Neal Maddox and he battled through to make it to the games with a sick Amanda time. A lot of talent and determination everywhere.