SUNDAY 110213

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Duncan Martin 90lbs (age 12, 85lb BW), Jack Marks 95lbs (age 12, 90lb BW), Keegan Martin 225lbs (age 17, 145lb BW), Connor Martin 255lbs.
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Compare to 100516.

ALT WOD:  Trainer's choice.

We are about a month into the nutrition challenge with one more month to go.  I personally am down 1.5% bodyfat and 5 lbs using the Paleo Diet.  On Sunday mornings I sit here at my computer and scour the internet for recipes for the week.  Then I try to get to Trader Joes before everyone gets out of church, it's nice.  Unfortunately they don't have everything on my list, but they have most everything and their prices make it worth the trip.  I'm usually done around 11am and go home and do some prep.  This has been very effective for our family in keeping us on the diet.  Preparation is key.  What has helped you?

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