Sue did a great job at her very first group WOD!  Well done!!

Deadlift 5×3



3 Rounds:

Block Run/5 Bodyweight Push Press


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  1. Fun WODs again. Easy weights today. I will be ready to go up next week.
    DL 223
    1 x 15 at 177
    8 something on the PP/run WOD. used 114 which I thought was 124. No wonder it was just flying up overhead.
    1 solid minute of handstand holding was the hardest part of today for me. My whole body was shaking the last 15 seconds.
    Good to see you Miguel!

  2. Miguel? Who’s that?

  3. He’s this bad ass dude that’s always haulin ass, getting paid.

  4. always funny

  5. looking

  6. Gonna need a day off tomorrow. Tough wods. Nice DL Gdog!

  7. Happy Anniversary Tregos! You guys are adorable:)

  8. I got P90x yoga because Doc Malluci recommended for my shoulder. If anyone would like to “borrow” it let me know.

  9. Thanks for the deadlift help tonight Brad!!! Even though I didn’t do much weight I was pain free and to me that’s awesome! Your help is always appreciated!

  10. My pleasure Meatball.
    Saw some awesome DL’s today. Special kudo’s to Kristen. Her first time doing heavy deads and she pulled 115 5x’s with impeccable form.
    Gdog 350 and Stringer 375…well done guys.

  11. Someday I will be like you Stringer!! Don’t sell yourself short Breeze. 325 only a few months after major back surgery was pretty dam good.