Stephpullup Steph gets her first pull up! Then she got her second and third consecutive pull ups.  Congrats!

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run

Rest as needed between efforts.

Post times for each round to comments.

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  1. woohoo steph! awesome job!
    anyone want to maybe meet at a track to do this wod? i know it’ll be rainy, but better rainy on a flat surface than rainy on our hilly terrain πŸ™‚

  2. Yay Stephanie. That’s great work. Good for you.
    Shout out to DD this am. He did yesterday’s alt. WOD in 8:20RX. best time on the board. Great job.
    Burpee day 10. Yay burpees.

    Burpee/Push U[ Challenge day 10
    Shari and Bill: I added you to the list.

  4. I will join you in the rain.
    Just name the time and location

  5. Y’all want to come to Centennial? We can use this track.

  6. Great Job Steph!

  7. yeah, i’ll be there around 4:45. maybe it will have cleared a bit by then.

  8. might be in for this. I am not sure I can make it by 4:45. will see.Collin has an ear infection and is home πŸ™
    Remember…”some people walk in the rain and others just get wet”
    I have a watch with a timer and a phone with stop watch but you may want to make sure you have couple others.

  9. I did the 800 meter runs today..4 rounds each one being timed..My ipod died middle of second round which hurt my time…BUT proud to say; every round after that was faster than the last…Each round around 5 minutes …not great but good for me…and for the record, I loved running in the damp air outside and rain felt good…Good luck to everyone…looking forward to tomorrow!!!

  10. So anyone interested in running at the Centennial track is welcome to meet us at 4:45ish (or when you can). 9310 Scott Road Roswell 30076. Park on the side by the stadium. If main gate to stadium isn’t open you can walk around towards the baseball field and get into the track that way.
    Slackers will run stadiums!

  11. Would love to join you guys but I am really dragging now. Been awake since about 3 am with the kids PLUS my mother in law just arrived so I probably will not be there unless my husband comes home momentarily and I take about 8 scoops of Jack Stack. Maybe next time.

  12. thanks, everyone! maybe not my best picture, but certainly a proud moment! i will be running in the rain up and down hills today… gotta get back to the bars to work on my kip πŸ™‚

  13. Hey Anna… that track rubberized? Do you know of any tracks that are NOT rubberized?

  14. Yes, rubber. Not sure if they make em any other way anymore but I can ask around if there is something particular you need.
    WOD: 3:37 on first, 3:34 on second, blah blah blah on third, crawled fourth. really wet. stopped raining as I finished my last lap.

  15. PS the goal is to try to keep within 4 seconds/split (at least in track).

  16. that’s awesome anna. It takes me that long to run the 400 at CFNF πŸ™‚

  17. Northwestern Middle School has an asphalt track.