Pimpgraphic                                                                        vs.

ViceSquadGraphic Starting this Saturday the CFNF Challenge is ON!  Team Pimps vs. Team Vice Squad!  No matter what membership you have come in every day if possible and get your team points! 

Three rounds for time:

400m run
21 SDLHP 75/55
15 burpees
Post time/smack talk to comments.

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  1. this is eerily like the liberal-controlled media…

  2. Who’s pimps and who’s vice?
    Nice work Kevin and Robin at 6am.
    Great WOD on the board today!!Come check it out!

  3. Pebbles – how was the running class yesterday? Do you think it helped?

  4. It was VERY helpful.Definitely. I am the most inefficient runner EVER. Everything about my running is going to change. It is definitely a skill and will take practice but I saw immediate results and the instructors both saw it too. We have homework and are going back to next week and will have a second video taking to see the changes.Running is soooo not what I thought it was.

  5. ok, the croc with the gold chain around its neck made me LOL. He’s now our team mascot!
    Love the graphics pistol.

  6. I suppose you will only be sharing tips with Vice Squad, huh?

  7. Tell us more about this class! I want to take it. Need to learn how to run.

  8. Pebbles did they say if they were doing the classes again?

  9. Is it too late to join in next week? How many weeks are they doing it?

  10. Hey Miguel!
    I want to be a fly girl in your video!

  11. if this was facebook i would “like” this.

  12. Miguel, I think you got a mascot out of pity.

  13. Next weeks running clinic is part two of this one so it is not an option. It sounds like he will definitely do it again. The instructor was a runner for Nike and has a very long history of running experience a accomplishments. It is very interesting. Anyway, I am sure Brendon or someone else that is running certified will do it again. Once I feel more comfortable with what I learned I will be glad to share….AGAIN, ONLY if you are VICE 😉
    remember…if you are on Martine’s team you need to hit the Wendy’s drive thru and drink at least a 6 pack tonight. I’m just sayin…..

  14. I think if you are on Miguel’s team, donuts are a good option. I mean you are cops after all, right? Yeah, if I were you guys I’d definitely hightail it over to the nearest Dunkin’ or Krispy Kreme. And indulge. 🙂 Just think all of the extra energy ya’ll will gain by eating all that sugar and fat! I think a full dozen per person every morning oughta do it.

  15. I’m on Miguel’s team and I drink a six-pack of beer every night and I have been eating the the new QT doughnuts, cookies and cinnamon rolls. Is that ok? I do eat at Wendy’s, but not too much because I’m really conscious about my diet.

  16. Martine, I will have you know that I am busting my butt to get my Dad completely moved out before Saturday. That way I can fully devote the entire week to being a pimp and showing up daily to support my team!
    It’s my pre-challenge workout–moving furniture and book boxes 😉
    P.S. Ed, you shouldn’t be so selfish, you should share those cookies, donuts, and cinnamon rolls with the rest of Miguel’s team!

  17. Katie…..and I thought Stacy was your friend. Nice job on the wod with almost the men’s weight. You too Martine.
    G-dog…up yours!

  18. for real! are you sure you want her as a trainer?
    haha i wouldn’t have known either, and stacy, i’m positive you were just trying to make me stronger 🙂

  19. Way to sell a girl out Katie! I guess you can only expect that from a member of the Vice Squad
    I swear I thought it was 57 🙂

  20. haha stacy if no one had said anything, i wouldn’t have known either!! maybe from now on that needs to be my strategy on strength days – just don’t tell me how much weight is on the bar and i’ll be able to get it!

  21. Good Job Katie. I swore that weight felt a little heavier than the 55 lbs with the little 5 lb weights. Oh well…just means we’re strong ass chics. 🙂

  22. Yeah, but it also means you can’t do simple math.