_DSC0020Sorry Doc!  Couldn't help it…Nice meeting Kerry today.

Walking lunge 100 ft.
21 Pull-ups
21 Sit-ups
Walking lunge 100 ft.
18 Pull-ups
18 Sit-ups
Walking lunge 100 ft.
15 Pull-ups
15 Sit-ups
Walking lunge 100 ft.
12 Pull-ups
12 Sit-ups
Walking lunge 100 ft.
9 Pull-ups
9 Sit-ups
Walking Lunge 100 ft.
6 Pull-ups
6 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.

Challenge Day 3!  Check Karen's Spreadsheet.

Snapshot 2009-08-21 12-10-35

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  1. Hicky set the bar high today! 10:59Rx. I think she’s on the juice or something. Her voice is getting deeper! Nice job AM crew. It was nice to finally meet Kerry this morning and nice to see DJ in here early. Xena, Sheri, Doc and Jpo rocked it too!

  2. dj? early? are you as traitorous as your wife?

  3. Sorry PMers… Let ya down today. Looks like I’ve been out a litle too long. My hands got shredded after the second round.

  4. I’m still a PMer. I can’t make the 4:30 because I don’t get off work till 5:00, and I figured this WOD would be my best shot at an Rx win.

  5. Glad I did this one this morning (even slow as I was). I was a little jealous to walk back in the house and see the kids and Miguel all snuggled up in bed. Slackers.

  6. Nice Hicky. Sauce…really? We all know she is hard core sweet tea vodka!

  7. Ouch! Epsom salts!!!! Neosporin with pain relief too.

  8. no such thing as a let down for the team 🙂 you got a participation point at the very least, on a day when most of our team won’t be able to make it to the early afternoon class.
    hahaha i think i just talked to you in the same reassuring tone i use to calm anxious 7th graders

  9. Peggalicious says

    DJ – Thanks for getting your butt in there and getting a point for our team! Sorry that I can’t make it in today to support my team (can’t make it on Friday’s), but I’ll be there tomorrow.
    Go Afternoon Delight!

  10. Everytime someone types Afternoon Delight I get that STUPID song in my head. I think I am going to quit reading the blog til this is over.

  11. Peggalicious says

    I’ll get you a CD so you can listen to it in your car – maybe we can teach the kids so they can sing it to you non stop. Just our friendly way of beating down the competition!

  12. Thank you Ms. Jones. Any homework for the weekend?

  13. i think we should teach the song to ryan and collin.
    i’m curious how pebbles and g-dog explain some of those lyrics —
    “sky rockets in flight” okay, not so bad. boys like rockets.
    “the thought of rubbin’ you is getting so exciting”
    might make for an interesting discussion.

  14. WOW you’ve been married for a while. I think of something totally different when I see “afternoon delight”

  15. Let’s change the name of the PMers to “Muskrat Love”

  16. if we do that you AMers should be called
    i say that with love and respect, of course.

  17. not sure I know that song, Anna, can you hum a few bars?
    (love and respect you back)

  18. what’s funny is it really IS a song…
    but i wasn’t necessarily referring to a song. thought it just sounded catchy.

  19. Where the hell did Scruffy come from. I mean holy Sh%$^!
    Partly because he crushed me and partly because I now have a man crush on him I am asking for a full investigation as to what this guy is taking.
    Nice to see 12 people at the noon class today. It is great that we value this competition more than our jobs.
    Not sure any of you boys out there can beat Sally’s time.

  20. If you do that, I will make Garrett sing DREAMWEAVER to you everytime he sees you and maybe call you at work and sing it. He does it to me and then THAT STUPID song gets stuck in my head!

  21. BIG shout out to Sammy and Spider for pushing me on my last round..thanks for doing the lunges with me Spider…I tried to keep up with your long legs….My time was 15:44 RX…my personal goal was 15 even so not too bad…After Karen yesterday, I HATE LUNGES!!!!! great class today and everyone was VERY supportive of each other…last shoutout…TOM…did 81 rx pull-ups today…he took a little longer than the rest of us…but what a trooper…nothing but respect for TOM…

  22. Psycho “T” dropped a number today…..81 to be exact! I think he should get some bonus credit for having the “nooner” balls to do this WOD R to the X!
    Props to a serious crowd today! Nooners do it in groups!
    Sammy “shanghai” Nooner

  23. BigEd crushed this WOD today. I was too dizzy and gasping for air to remember the exact time, but I’m pretty sure he got around 8 minutes. I have to respect the Luncher for that.
    It was great seeing Afternoon Delight come out on an afternoon with no evening classes.

  24. Knew Ed would kill this. Proud of my fellow nooner.

  25. Nooners go hard and strong!

  26. yeah, some of us gave up a little “delight” to be there, if you know what i mean.
    mad props to JT and Ed on the WOD.