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Shoulder Press


Push Press 75/55
Goblet Squats 53/35

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  1. Good job 6am. Way to RX that Jpo and new Nick!
    kevin did 85# and T2B….overachiever!
    Ben 8:36RX…best time so far followed by McHale at 9 min.
    Happy Friday…..Thanks for all the good energy in here this am JPO

  2. I just did the WOD. ALONE.I like to do what I make up.

  3. Thanks Pebbles!!! That was a fun WOD!!!

  4. Running this on Saturday if anyone wants to join..
    2010 Fast Pace Race 5K/10K
    Start: Saturday, October 23, 2010 @ 8:00 AM
    Cumming Fairgrounds

  5. Skinny Jenny is my hero! She made that WOD her beyotch! 6am is always so fun:)

  6. What a great lunchtime group today! Way to go with all the RX weights guys!! Grumpy, Brandon, and Tom D all did 75#!! Jacklyn did the RX weight AND was jumping up to the pull-up bar for KTE’s. Watch out guys she’s becoming a machine!!! Jan got a PR on her shoulder press…. I love watching people in our gym get stronger!!!!

  7. Yay! Strong like Bull!!!!!

  8. Thanks to the lunchtime group. Another great workout to start the weekend. I appreciate all the encouragement and shout out to Jan for getting her PR and both Jan and Stacy for coaching me through the burpee, I needed that. Great job everyone!! The guys rocked it as always.

  9. Jacklyn, check out the whiteboard for 1rm thruster!,

  10. Good job 5pm. JT ended up with the fastest RX time. The fish kick before the KTE must have been the trick 😉
    Lil JT did an awesome job on this WOd as well.
    See ya tomorrow.