EdShariBill  Shari and Bill rocked Fight Gone Bad yesterday!


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups

Post number of pull-ups completed for each round to comments.

ATTN:  Spring break hours will remain the same with the exception of Friday, April 10th.  The 4:30 class on that day will be at 5:00pm.

There will be no Yoga classes for two weeks.

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  1. Doing FGB at 11 if anyone wants to join me.

  2. I am disappointed I only did 4 rounds and my goal was 5…second attempt at “Nicole” ..but first RX..My pull-ups sucked first two rounds…I tried wearing gloves to protect my hands on pull-ups but they slowed me down on the number I could do…I really am just going to have to suck it up and the hands will heal…DAMN IT!!!! 22rx… First time with “Nicole” , I worked with Miguel who killed it and I was still on red band.. this time I got to workout with Hicky who smoked me on the 400m runs (6 rounds)..her type of workout..so I have work to do… I had fun after class watching the gymnastic class…ladies, you know who you are..

  3. I really enjoyed that WOD. 4 rounds plus 35 pull ups plus another run. First time RX. It was a lot of fun to work out with Hagler and Hicky and Trego and Mark. Nice morning crowd. This WOD taught me I can always do 8 to 10 pull ups at a time. No more 3’s or 5’s. I enjoyed the handstands, backbends and front flops afterwards 🙂
    See you tonight.
    Nice pic on the site. That was fun yesterday.

  4. “My ipod broke in the second round, my gloves were rubbing my hands, the ground was slippary….” Excuses, excuses! Just joking! Well done everyone this morning

  5. Hicky…..I can’t wait till tomorrow…CAN’T WAIT…welcome back.

  6. Bring it on! I hope you can rock the bruised leg look on the beach! 🙂

  7. I will ROCK you…better keep your hands up!!! I will even be on time!!! Just want to show you how much I missed you. I can’t wait…

  8. Good to see Sammy and Spider today…glad they got to partake in fight gone bad…They had great numbers..Big Ed, crazy….148 on Nicole…You are a machine..Now I REALLY feel like sh*t about my number..Good to see a good crowd at gym today working hard at fgb…great job on Monday..

  9. Comparing numbers…a “machine”…fight gone bad…wearing gloves for protection…what is this place?!

  10. Well if you’re late we’ll just blame it on the traffic light that is “always” red 🙂
    Big Ed, you’re a freak!… And I mean that in a nice way! Well done!

  11. Hey Everyone!! Hope all is well. Can’t remember what RX for women is on FGB is it the same as the men’s weight. Also, just a request, I wish more of yall posted your times and weight so I would have something to guage myself against. Brad, I know shut up Nadler! Miss U!!!

  12. Impressive FGB score BIGed put up yesterday, but we all expect that from him. Even more impressive was the 313 G-dog put up!…being the fact that no expects much from him…
    Way to go G-dog!

  13. I think that was a compliment G dog.

  14. Fun day of “Fight Gone Bad!” Well done Blake (339) and Katie (266)! Steph got an RX and Jpo pr’d!
    Great to see Hicky!

  15. Way to be Jpo! Musta had a great teammate. Thanks for your help in pushing me… pretty tough to get back in the Gym on FGB. I know Hicky will give a shout out to that!
    Look forward to being in the gym on a regular basis. Spider and I got a little out of shape, so were gunning for all you studs! (Big Ed, were not planning on catching you..)