CSC_0047 Shandy’s original setup for the clean.

CSC_0046   This is what it should look like. 


Shandy’s setup after is much better here.

1 Round for time.
800 m run
30 box jumps
30 double unders<30 lunges
400 m run
20 box jumps
20 double unders
20 lunges
800 m run
10 box jumps
10 double unders
10 lunges.

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  1. Gigi..beach bum says

    trying to get there at 11:30. obviously didn’t try hard enough yesterday. ya’ll were in my thoughts though……

  2. Nadler, Wild Thing, Crazy Bitch says

    Crazy B is on way to Dr to see if she has strep throat. Save this wod for me. It looks like FUN!

  3. Boy does that suck. See ya at 6:30.

  4. BigEd CF North Fulton says

    Great seeing Brad, J-Po, Amy, Austin and Spider today. Everyone is looking pretty good!. Crap, I don’t know why, buy I feel like I’m forgetting someone. Well, I’m sure I’ll remember later.

  5. GiGi..e-mail me at so I can add you to the e-vite for next week.

  6. That’s just not nice, Ed! Good luck this weekend at your cert! I’m sure they will all know who you are since everyone around the globe saw your video!

  7. I enjoyed working out with you Hoss! Thanks for the late class Brad.
    See you in the am. “Balls to the wall” tomorrow!

  8. Ooowwwww – I hate running!

  9. BigEd CF North Fulton says

    Pistol, you know I love ‘ya!
    Seriously, Pistol is starting to kick a** on the butterfly PUs! I really can’t wait to see her post times on the WODs that are PU intensive that have people wondering if it’s legit. Austin and I were both commenting that we haven’t seen or heard of any other girls do the butterfly PU. I definitely see another video coming out of our gym making and making it to the HQ website.
    My cert. is next weekend in Charlotte.
    Also, I forgot to thank Brad and Austin for the tips today on my cleans.
    I would also love to see Pistol and Hicky at the 2009 games!
    Take care, Ed.