Saturday WOD – Happy Birthday Garrett


Garrett turns another year older today!  Let’s all treat him a little nicer.  You are supposed to respect your elders ya know!



95lb Thrusters
Pull Ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. that picture is just too weird!
    Anyway, happy bday Austin Powers!

  2. WOW. Could not have had a better bday present that to show the world how incredibly big my nostrils really are. Thanks Kim.
    I was a bit uncomfortable that you had both my wife and ex girlfriend on the same collage. The ex had no depth.
    Anyway thanks for the 70’s pic and oh Kim I am ….3 years younger that you!!!

  3. Pistol aka Kim_CF North Fulton says

    Happy birthday Garrett!

  4. Happy Birthday Garrett!!!! WOW 45 keep dreaming that you are 3yrs younger than Kim she is only 27 and that would make you 24???I Don’t think so!
    Time today 10:13
    Oh and the ice I got you for your bday is melting! I guess I will just make a drink with it and put on my fancy shoes and walk around the house!

  5. Hey! So we missed FRAN. Kim and I met some nice folks at the Roswell Health fair who might be joining us for Crossfit soon.
    Awesome FRAN times on the board. Salley and Care Bear really showed their stuff today. Great Job.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the CFNF Mommies.

  6. luna-AKA Woosh says

    Happy B-Day Garett

  7. “Fran” days are always alot of fun in the gym. Great job everyone. Happy b-day g-dog!

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. G’s Down-Hos up…Happy Birthday! Your ex has nothin’ on Pebbles…