Saturday – WOD


Row 1000 meters
85 pound Thruster, 21 reps
15 Pull-ups

Row 750 meters
85 pound Thruster, 18 reps
12 Pull-ups

Row 500 meters
85 pound Thruster, 15 reps
9 Pull-ups

Rest 2 minutes between each round. Time each round separately and post times to comments.

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  1. Great to be back in the gym after about a two week hiatus! Even if I did get beat by my wife……sounds like her trainers need to up her difficulty (see that $50 bill in my hand).
    Anyone else ever notice how there aren’t nearly as many posts on the weekend when people are on the computer on their own time. Seems like it’s only when they are “homing from work” when we are posting!

  2. Went to CF Middle Tennessee today and Steve & Steven were awesome. They immediately welcomed me with big smiles the minute I walked in the door and once again showed how great the CF community is.
    They were actually moving into to their new space today, so I got to work out in the old space, and see what the new one will look like (right down the hall). If I ever move to Nashville, this is where I’ll hang.
    Breeze & Pistol – I got your shirts and will bring them in on Monday. I also brought one of Steven’s bus. cards for you – I told them about our guys t-shirts (was wearing my CFNF t-shirt, of course), and they said they would love to have one. Brad, their XL looked HUGE, so I got an XL an an L so you can see which fits best, and if anyone else wants the other – they can bid on it. šŸ™‚
    Missed you guys, but it was fun meeting the CFMT folks.

  3. hey sammy, how was alaska?

  4. Sup SOC?
    How’s cali…. Brad told me u killed the 30 MU workout in six minutes! That west cost training must be working.
    Alaska was awesome.. gotta say I was glad I was CrossFit! We hiked, waded, threw fly rod and fought big salmon and trout for 12 hours a day. It was a workout.
    Hope you are well and they are pushing you. We miss having someone push us so much.

  5. Austin, great job on the MUs! Wish you could be here for the Sep. Challenge. Stay in touch.

  6. That is awesome, that is my next major place to go…although come to think of it I have never really been anywhere “major” but I digress..
    Cali is cool, to be honest, I would much rather be in Atlanta, being here kinda made me realize its not where you train its how you train. So this is gonna be just a one month trip for me, so I will for sure be there for the challenge in september.
    And yeah I got 2 PR’ yesterday, did the MU’s in 6 minutes flat…so pissed it was not in the 5’s…and did grace in 6:45 almost a 2 minute PR.
    I also just got done with that stupid 15k…took me an hour and damn 32 minutes. I bet it took hickey just a little over an hour or right at it.
    I deserve a beer…or 5. Talk to yall later!

  7. Don’t feel bad abt the run, took me much longer. I was happy just to get that run over with. By the way, I tied your 7 MUs in a row on the board, just thought you’d wanna’ know.

  8. Looking good Fred! Good form.