Saturday WOD


Nice form, Kyle.

1 Round for time.

800 m run

10 Box Jump/10 Thrusters/10 Burpees/10 Double Unders

400 m run

20 Box Jump/20 Thrusters/20 Burpees/20 Double Unders

200 m run

30 Box Jump/30 Thrusters/ 30 Burpees/ 30 Double Unders

Post time to comments.

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  1. This is wrong!

  2. Sooooooo glad we are out of town!

  3. cheri aka gigi, founding member of Crossfit N. Fulton says

    ah geez…hate to have to miss this one!! 60 burpees? pure insanity…….off to go krogering…..
    trego’s – call later if you want to do a DIFFERENT workout today. This afternoon maybe? Bill is under the weather…he was hit by a major vodka virus.

  4. Having Crossfit withdrawals. Is anyone playing tomorrow? Miss everyone. Hope to see you Sunday.

  5. First I need to crossfit tomorrow and second this workout was a doozy but well worth it!
    Merry Christmas Everyone!