Saturday WOD


We got a rope folks!


25 lunges
50 box jumps
20 double unders
30 kb swings
20 kte
25 ring dips
20 pull ups
30 sit ups
20 hang squat cleans
25 good mornings
30 wall ball
3 rope climbs

1 round for time.  Post time to comments.

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  1. I want to come play on the rope!!!
    p.s. Pistol is looking mean & lean!

  2. That was definitely one of the funnest workouts. I’m gunna have to start getting used to Pistol beating me all the time though.
    …and I will get to the top of that rope eventually.

  3. Hicky, you’ll smoke me when there are sprints! Thanks for the kudos Gigi! This was an awesome workout! I am noticing gains in my performance. I don’t know if it’s the Zone diet or the no alcohol diet!

  4. It has to be the no alcohol diet… That looked fun hate I missed it!!! What was the time to beat?? I can’t wait to try the rope.. No worries Hickey, Pistol beats everyone!!!!Hagler