Saturday WOD


Eve Patrick is walking the Three Day for Breast Cancer Today!  She raised over $5000.00.  Go Wiggly Teeters!


Tabata This

Box Jumps

Wall Ball

Push Ups

Sit Ups

Back Extention


8 rounds 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.  The lowest number set in each round of 8 is your score for each exercise.

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  1. Just so everyone knows, yes I did murph today. My time was 33:46, and G-Dog, chin and chest touched on EVERY push-up and all my pull-ups were strict! Congrats to Jonah who performed murph pee-wee jr. today…..he rocked!

  2. I think I got a 66, but may have been a 62…..

  3. Yum. That sounds more innsretitg than my stew: dump a roast in the slowcooker, put in salt and pepper with maybe savory and marjoram, add carrots, potatoes, and celery, dump in a pot of bone broth from last night’s chicken that’s been simmering on the stove top. Cook until tender. VP