Saturday WOD


3 Rounds for Time:

10 TGU

10 Box Jump


10 Box Jump

30 Med Ball Clean

10 Box Jump


10 Box Jump

50 Push Ups

10 Box Jump

Post time to comments.

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  1. Pardon me…what is a TGU?
    Contemplating whether to work out or not. Arms still freakin hurt from yesterday…ooowwwiieeee!

  2. TGU – Tonic, Grey Goose Served Up!
    Its a great workout we were all feelin it at the end!

  3. Between yesterday and today I can’t lift my arms or my legs.

  4. Well…I am scum….no working out today. Unless climbing up and down ladders and carrying lots of boxes downstairs counts as a workout?
    Oh yeah…sorry about the arms AND legs Garrett. Good excuse for sitting on the sofa or man chair and drinking beer all day….
    Speaking of beer…