Saturday WOD


30 wall ball/ 30 push ups
block run
30 pull ups/ 30 kb swings
block run
30 box jumps/ 30 squats
block run
30 deadlift/ 30 dips
block run
30 sprawls/ 30 sit ups
block run
30 lunges/ 30 double unders
block run

Post time to comments.

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  1. Gigi they lied to us there was no block run try 10 burpees…it was the workout I needed today! I will give them that!

  2. Hey…that was fun. What a work out we had today.
    Hickey, I was sooo trying to beat you. That is toughto do, but that was probabky the closest I have come.
    Congrats to Kim and Sherry. Way to succeed on the BF contest.(1st and 2nd) I had great success myself and am really seing improvements in my energy and performance eating the block diet. Kim Nadler you look great too. Nice job.
    See you at the beach everyone!!!

  3. Tried to make it this morning..but I didn’t. Had a great time last night. Did the thin mints survive the evening? WE had a few casualties here at the burns’
    Gonna do most of this workout here I guess.
    What’s the yoga thing about tomorrow???

  4. That was lots of fun this AM. Managed to push through the final two rounds mainly so Spider would not lap me.
    Kim,Sherri,Kim great job finishing 1,2 and 3 in the competition. All of you who were involved look great. Pebbles: So proud of you.
    Can’t wait for the beach. Sammy and Sally I will be the sunburned beached whale laying in the surf when you arrive Thurs.
    Have a great week.

  5. Congrats to everyone who even participated in the BF contest! It was an accomplishment just to participate and it was definitely the jump start I needed. Special congrats to KIM AND SHERRI for #1 and #2 yall look so far here in the #3 position!!! Just kidding. I am super proud of myself, no wine no diet coke in one month. That is a record for me. Meanwhile, in the last 12 hours I have managed to consumer high quantities of both.
    See everyone in Destin (hopefully!) HAVE FUN! WEAR SUNSCREEN!!

  6. Kathy Hagler says

    Didnt realize the spring break was a group event… The beach is so relaxing..I hope Brad and Kim dont bring their stopwatches..Have fun. Hagler(Hammer)

  7. spider salley says

    Thank you for Jayhawks…Love my money!