Saturday WOD


We miss you Peaches!

1 round for time:

50 squats
800m run
50 lunges w/db
400 m run
50 box jumps
800 m run

Notice:  Pool party at Peggy’s today at 1:00pm and cookout at 5:00pm.  Click at right for address.

Notice:  Rape Prevention course Thursday, July 17th.  Click at right for info.

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  1. Luna-Tic says


  2. Whew. man…..can’t we deadlift or squat clean or something????? :). A guartenteed last for me today I am sure. My goal is to NOT walk once. See you at 10.

  3. So I got some issues with Hicky. Not only did she beat me by over 7 minutes, she also has some spell over my boys. Ryan comes rushing in the gym, blows past me and Breeze and goes straight to his best friend Tora. Doesn’t even acknowledge that I exist. As I am writing this he is saying over and over “where’s Tora”?
    Sad day in Gdog land.
    Oh…Hicky and Sammy are not human.
    Great job Zena and of course kuddo’s to my Pebbles.

  4. Austin…..where were you??

  5. Fun wod today! Great job everyone! It was nice to see the Nadlers again.

  6. Thanks Kim for running with me in the end. Way to go Kyle and the rest of the Nadler family. It was great to see you back.

  7. PS. Way to go G. Much better than you expected.

  8. Glad to be back! That workout felt GOOD!! See you tuesday! The Nadlers missed CFNF and are ready to go!!!