Saturday WOD


1 round for time

25 walking lunges

20 pull ups

50 box jumps

20 double unders

25 ring dips

20 kte

30 kb swings

30 sit ups

20 hang squat cleans

25 back ext

30 wall ball

30 burpees

Post time to comments.

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  1. kim Nadler says

    what is kte?

  2. kim Nadler says

    Never mind Knee to Elbows!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why not? Yea Tracy..awesome job!! Your baby is adorable. I am so glad you did the whole thing! Shawn (or maybe Sean) great to meet you. You kept me moving fast! Great job on those double unders too.Those are usually tough for people.I really enjoyed today, thanks Brad and Kim. Happy Birthday Brad.

  4. PS…yucky picture.

  5. Kim the Pistol says

    Awesome job today you guys! Kudos to Kamilah and Sean, you guys ROCKED! Tracy, you’re looking good and your form on that squat clean was Purty!