Saturday WOD


Big Ed & Pistol rocked it yesterday.  26:57 & 27:10 respectively.

Todays WOD is a 2 person team workout.  Each team must complete all of the exercises per round.  You must wait for your teammembers before you run and and you must wait to begin you next round until all your teammembers return from the run.

40 OHS (95lb:75lb)
50 Pull Ups
60 box jumps
70 double unders
400 m run

Post time to comments.

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  1. **gigi** CFNF Elder & Burpee hater says

    hold your horses…i’m on my way…dangit!

  2. ***gigi*** Founding member & burpee hater says

    Well…that was certainly fun. The last time I did the WOD was with Austin..the Bionic man. Today my partner was Pistol…The Bionic woman. Both damn near kilt me!
    p.s. Almost got to enjoy breakfast again…

  3. that WAS fun! thanks for being my partner, Gigi, at least it wasn’t Austin! P.S. We rule!

  4. P.S.S. – Team Stella rules and Pistol’s team drools!

  5. Got my butt kicked again today! Kamilah, you’re an awesome partner – sorry my running is so sucky! I would like to say you guys all drool, and our No Name team rules, but that would be a lie.
    BTW, I may have talked my hairdresser into coming in and seeing what CFNF is all about – hopefully she’ll do it. (in case she does, her name is Callie)

  6. Hello everyone! It is 716 here in cali and i am about 4 beers deep after day one. Today was really fun, I definately have some things to work on to get to the level of the trainers here working at the cert but everything has been really helpful.
    we did fran for the workout today and i did it in 523 Rx. First time doing it a perscribed but it was really fun. having everyone push you certainly helps. i did the wod at one world yesterday so my legs were a bit fried from doing 75 20lb med ball cleans but it was awesome. It is so cool to meet all the super stars, they really are no different than anyone else in the crossfit community in terms of personality, they can just beat all of our asses at the WOD’s 🙂
    I have been spreading the word that I want a room to rent here so I can train with the big dogs here in cali for a few months and have gotten a couple bites, we will see how that goes.
    I miss the gym and hope everyone is doing well! I ate lunch quick today to see all the trainers doing the mainsite WOD, and dutch killlled it doing it in less than 9 minutes!!! with pat barber close behind. It was awesome seeing those guys and girls (jolie killed it too I just did not see her time) do that workout with such intensity. Lots of fun and I will keep you updated (because I know yall are on pins and needles for my posts haha). This place is so cool and really is the center of crossfit.
    Sorry if there are any typos the keyboard at this hotel is like 6 inches long and kinda hard to type on. Adios!!