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Kerrie gets her chest to the bar!

Fight Gone Bad

Complete three 1 minute rounds of each. Total your reps for all rounds for score.

1 minute Wall Ball (20,14)
1 minute Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75,55)
1 minute Box Jump (20 inch box)
1 minute Push Press (75,55)
1 minute Rower (count calories)
1 minute rest

Post scores to comments.

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  1. My hands are raw and I am sooooo sore from yesterday, I would cry if I had to do this today…..
    But Sunday or Monday….I’m on it!!
    Going for a painful run now…or crawl

  2. Way to Go CFNF. Everyone really pushed them selves hard today. Gongrats to G-dog for a top score of 296 and to Hickey for a top ladies score of 268. She beat my PR by 2 which was the top score. I will catch her next time 😉
    Had a great time. I stayed and watched all the other rounds and everyone really had great effort.
    Have a great week-end. Enjoy the weather.

  3. Kerri, You Rocked it yesterday!!! You look awesome!!
    Kim, will you be in the gym sun am?

  4. Great job 8am group!
    Due to a strained muscle in my shoulder , I was unable to perform “Fight Gone Bad” as prescribed but my modifications ( Deadlift for SDHP and Squat for Push Press) made up for it.
    Kim, thanks for counting out my reps and encouraging me throughout the whole ordeal.
    Have a great weekend.