Saturday – Rest Day


Hoss after a WOD with running and box jumps.

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  1. Luna AKA Woosh says

    What’s the WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 21-15-9
    KB Swings
    Wall Balls
    Box Jumps
    Run (front building to back)

  3. **gigi** Burpee hater..Crossfit Lover says

    If you could only see me sitting here smiling, knowing that today is my rest day! It’s a Burpee-free day and life is GOOOOOOD!!!
    p.s. How was the Eagles? Was anyone overserved….sweatman?????

  4. Austin, Spider you guys are way tooooo fast. Austin you have only be here for two weeks and you are killing me.
    Fun way to end a 6 day Xfit week. Don’t recommend doing that. Tomorrow is a well deserved day off.

  5. GiGi, the Eagles were awesome! We did get overserved but I sucked it up and did my burpees anyway. thank you Jpo & Pebbles for staying with me and encouraging me! Kyle you did great today, even with the sass mouth!

  6. Great Saturday work out. Enjoyed working out with Sean again and Kathy and Jenny and Hannah did a great job.
    Brad, I missed seeing you. Got there just after you headed out.
    I’m thinking tomorrow is going to be a heavy lift day, which I look forward too. I ran on my off day. My next off day is Monday. So, I may see you in the am or may wait ’til Monday.
    There is talk of another body fat competition if anyone is interested?
    Joy and Kathy, I am looking for the diet info and lecture as I sit here.
    Have a good week-end everybody.