Saturday – Partner WOD!

Sophia loves to warm up with the PVC.

Partner WOD:  Male/Female

10 Rounds

 5 Barbell Bear Complex  115/75 (Power Clean + Front Squat + Overhead+ Back Squat + Overhead) 

1 Med Ball Suicide Run

One partner works at a time.  Each partner must complete one full round before switching.  


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  1. what a cutie….:)

    • Started good mornings, got to 95 3 and didn’t feel coflortabme without anyone checking my form(felt like an idiot using my cell phone in the gym to tape myself )so i switched to power cleans to determine my 1RM. Hit 205#(PR) which wasn’t bad considering I’ve only been on the xfit wagon for 3 wks or so now. Final score:WOD in 6:29 w/ 145# power cleans. 30 box(stupid overachiever)Ring rows were the killer on this WOD, had to break up the last set by 5s.Flopped Tabata for the run today, ran on treadmill. 1st 4 X 10mph, then slowed to 9mph for the last 4 because i almost got launched into the wall with the legs giving out. Should have started at 9mph. 12 degrees hurt more than i thought it would. Awesome day!

  2. What a doll!

  3. ”Seagram Sevens” (08.27.2009)Complete as many rounds as poslibse in 12:00 of7 x Medicine Ball Cleans (14lbs)7 x Push-ups18 rounds +4Sorry Kyle, Mark and I have been out of the loop but we are back full time on Monday! Yea no more chimney blocks or children of the corn runs. There are a lot of new names and faces we are looking forward to meeting. Anyone out there interested in a 5am WOD Mon,Tue,Wed? Samy is still far too chipper at 6am.. We have to wear him down….hahaHeidi