Saturday – No classes Memorial Day.

PebbsMeatball Nice chest to bar, ladies!!



With a single 2 pood kettlebell:
21 Turkish get-ups, Right arm
50 Swings
21 Overhead squats, Left arm
50 Swings
21 Overhead squats, Right arm
50 Swings

21 Turkish get-ups, Left arm

A lot of members have been coming in with new Vibram Five Finger shoes.  We applaud that, however…BREAK THEM IN SLOWLY!!!  Remember, your connective tissue hasn't had to work at all since your mama  put shoes on you as a baby!  that means NO running or jump roping until you have given your body time to acclimate.   The older you are, the more time you need.  Do NOT run or jump rope in them for at least 6 weeks.  

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  1. Campbell says

    Tough WOD. Did 53 lbs for all but the KB Swings, which I did at 70 lbs.

  2. i’m just glad to have finished this one under 60 minutes. did it RX and regretting that decision

  3. that was an interesting wod. 31:46 with 35lb kb. No way I could’ve done rx.

  4. Did the WOD using the Rx weight for women and it took me well over 40 minutes (w/terrible form). Very humbling day.

  5. Longest and probably most frustrating WOD i’ve done!

  6. bsawkins says

    32.29 I think with the 53lb. 70lb was never happening and there were times where I felt like not doing the 53lb. That’s two killer workouts back to back…please be kind tomorrow!

  7. Campbell says

    No such luck. The WOD for tomorrow is posted at HQ:
    Seven rounds for time of:
    7 Handstand push-ups
    135 pound Thruster, 7 reps
    7 Knees to elbows
    245 pound Deadlift, 7 reps
    7 Burpees
    7 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
    7 Pull-ups

  8. I actually liked that WOD. I used 1 pood KB. It was a great challenge and different. 39 something. My forearms are sore from the KB hitting them though!