Saturday – June 4, 2011

Good luck to our friend Bostic in the Mid-Atlantic Regionals this week-end.


2011 CrossFit Regional Games WOD

For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Kettlebell swings  53/35
100 Double-unders
100 OHS   95/65

Come try this WOD on your own OR Grab a partner!



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  1. Affiliate Team – We will be competing Monday night at Garage in Kennesaw at 7pm against CrossFit Addiciton and CrossFit Garage. We will all do the WOD and take the top four times for our team and at least 1 has to be a female time. THEN, Saturday it will be our turn to host the WOD #2 at CFNF.
    Here is my contact info if you need me but I’m out all day tomorrow just FYI. I will be back form VA Sunday night.
    I need Stringer and Ben’s e-mail to communicate easier in the future plz.

  2. Stringer says
  3. bsawkins says
    Wife was sick this morning, so did not make it in, needed to look after the kids. Sorry to Kimi and Murph who were expecting me for the 8am SealFit WOD. My back is really tight after yesterday’s WOD despite stretching so may just rest up for Monday.

  4. well that worked out okay because Murph ended up having to go to CFperimeter and I didn’t go because my back was hurting as well. Hope your wife feels better!