Saturday – Class at BTB at 10:00 am


CrossFit North Fulton will be participating in an Atlanta Affiliate Competition at BTB Fitness at 10:00am. All CrossFitters are welcome. If you would like to ride together meet us at CFNF at 9:00am. CFNF will resume normal business hours on Monday.

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  1. Today was incredible! Thanks to all who made the trip down to BTB. Looks like we have some work to do on our running!

  2. That was a blast. Kim and Sally way to lead the group. Had a ton of fun, but tough to swallow being crushed by 7+ minutes.
    You said it sister. On the run I was passed by men, women, children, babies in strollers and I belive one or two slugs.

  3. I was simply passed by my ego on the run! Pretty cool to see those freaks of nature…. Here’s to our crew gettin’ freaky. Kim and Brad, thanks for exposing us to a whole new world of accomplishment! Cfnf will be in the hunt the next time….we promise!

  4. Hello Brad, Kim, and everyone from CFNF, it was great to see you all there today. Congrats on the new place, I can’t wait to come check it out. Take care and God Bless!

  5. MikeG_CFATL says

    Hey guys…It was great to see you all at the challenge! Everyone kicked A$$!! I’m definitely going to come check your gym. I will try and make it there one morning this week. Also, we’ll set up a weekend to work on the muscle up.
    I can’t wait until the next challenge!

  6. That was a blast. I’m inspired. Looking forward to trying that again.Way to CFNF.

  7. Kim Nadler says

    Brad and Kim, Thanks so much for 2day!! It rocked, but made me realize I am not in as good of shape as I thought I was. It was so much fun!! I am glad Kyle and I could go to support CFNF!! Thanks for your continued encouragement and support of us!! See ya’ tuesday!!

  8. Hey y’all — SMOKIN’ hot sweatshirts! I really really like that charging-bull… viscious.
    I posted pix to our web so be sure to check ’em out — “stop by” & say howdy!
    So much fun today! I sucked (wind fer sure) but I didn’t even CARE HAHAHAHA!