Saturday – CFNF closed for Atlanta Area Affiliate CrossFit Challenge at CrossFit North Atlanta


Today is the day folks!  Be there by 9:30 to warm up and park across the street.  Game on!

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  1. Go kick butt today guys, and represent! Can’t wait to hear how it goes! By the way pebbles..happy late b-day, AND congrats on those pullups!!

  2. We had a ton of fun today at the challenge. It was a blast and everyone from CFNF did great.
    Thank you to everyone who watched Collin and Ryan while Christy (Pebbles) and I did the WOD. It kept us going knowing that they were having a good time.
    Great job CFNF. We are moving up the Atlanta charts. Lets keep it up and try and bring home the trophy when we host it in our house!!!

  3. Awesome job everyone!!! CFNF placed 6th out of 16…we have closed the gap! Can’t wait for the next one…will be on our home turf.

  4. Pistol aka Kim CFNF says

    You guys effing ROCK! thanks to everyone who came and represented! At our first challenge we came in dead last. At our third challenge we came in 6th out of 16. That is wicked cool! Tuna & Peggy, you guys AMAZED me!

  5. Carrie Crossfit Dahlonega, GA says

    Thank you guys so much! That was awesome. Kim… thank you so much for being so supportive!(I’ll look for you on TV) See you all in August!

  6. It was very nice to meet you guys today. We were really excited to be at our first Challenge & to be surrounded by a lot of really cool CrossFitters. Looking forward to the next one. Good job today CFNF!

  7. Mike Riepenhof CFAtl says

    Brad and Kim,
    Nice meeting you today. I will try to get my buddy in to your gym ASAP. I will check with him this week and then send you a note of the time. You guys represented well. I just like seeing all the crossfiters out there.

  8. Kim/Pistol – you did awesome today! It was great to see so many of your folks make the commute down to Atlanta and put up some great performances! I can’t wait to come see CFNF!

  9. I don’t know about of you but today gave me such a buzz! Awesome turn out and support!

  10. Well done today everyone! You all did amazingly… Next time we’re taking home the gold!

  11. I wish Eddie, Matt and I could’ve been there. We might have been observers not participants at this point but it sounds like so much fun. How did Austin (bionic man) do??? So it’s at our place next? August? That’s definitely a goal for us to shoot for. Eddie’s starting his HSPUs now:)

  12. Hey. Fun day. What an awesome work out. Loved it….
    Way to go CFNF.
    Thanks Sherri!

  13. I am a disgrace to CFNF…
    sorry everyone…

  14. I had a blast today! Great job everyone! Contrats on 6th place!
    Keep me posted on the next challenge…I don’t want to miss it at CFNF.

  15. austin, what happened? there’s no way you could’ve been a disgrace . . . . you are thor, wolverine and iron man all rolled into one!

  16. turns out its more like Bambi, Barby, and Cinderella. haha

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