_DSC0023  Spider makes it on the blog 2 days in a row, what a hambone!  Breeze is looking pretty snazzy in Jonah's shorts…

50 double unders
2 muscle ups
40 double unders
4 muscle ups
30 double unders
6 muscle ups
20 double unders
8 muscle ups
10 double unders
10 muscle ups

1 mile run

If you cannot do a muscle up do 3 pull ups and three dips for each muscle up.  Post time/complaints to comments.

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  1. Gosh that was fun…just counld not wait to get to that mile run!!!

  2. jonah’s shorts sure do get around…

  3. This workout should be titled “Learn To Do Muscle Ups or You’ll Be Punished with a Lot of Pullups and Ring Dips.”